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The smart use of technology is fundamental to what we do. By using technology effectively, we're able to acquire and interpret superior data. At the same time, we're able to be far more efficient in the field, allowing more thorough studies while keeping costs under control.

More importantly, we use information technology to shape and communicate our findings so they're easily accessible and understandable for any audience.

About Our Technology

The Communicair™ Online IAQ Reporting System

Communicair is a web based, secure system of managing office building IAQ information and communicating the significance of those data to the end user. It was developed by C5 Plus Ltd. in 2005 in response to the request of our clients.

Current users of the "Communicair" system of managing IAQ include major property management firms and energy companies occupying high rise office towers.


  • Internet based
  • Available 24/7
  • Flexible and secure
  • 3 levels of communication

If you're a client, when you first enter the Communicair website, you will see a list of floors for your buildings. Clicking on one of these floors will give you a basic report card. More details on the various items displayed in the report card can be viewed by clicking on them. Finally, a full report on that specific item can be viewed in PDF format at the bottom of the detailed report.