Privacy Policy

Information Gathered
User information and site activity data is collected throughout the web site, including domains, browsers, and pages accessed. This information is used for standard reporting purposes and to improve site content and display.

Use of Information Gathered

E-mail Addresses: E-mail addresses are only collected when voluntarily provided. As such, if you do not wish to receive e-mails from us, we ask that you do not subscribe to any e-mail program. An e-mail address is required when subscribing to "Keep Me Posted" notification service and when registering for access to the client extranet.

Confidential Information: Individual information you supply through the extranet web site area follows the same standards as member information supplied through phone or mail. From time to time, individual information may be shared with C5 Plus Ltd. partners in order to provide members with more opportunities to use additional features or enhancements. If you choose to keep your information private, please contact c5plus by e-mail:


C5 Plus feedback forms: Questions and comments submitted online may be published if C5 Plus feels they are of a topic of interest to the audience. An example would be the on-line FAQ. Personally identifiable information will only be published If C5 Plus has the user's explicit permission.

All feedback is reviewed. C5 Plus may contact individuals if requested by the user or if C5 Plus feels contact is warranted by the message. Both aggregate and individual comments are used to help improve the C5 Plus website and other C5 Plus products and services.

All "Contact C5 Plus" information submitted may be retained by C5 Plus for an indefinite period.

Disclosure of Information Gathered
C5 Plus does not share personally identifiable information with third parties without permission from the user. Aggregate information may at times be shared with C5 Plus partners and other third parties. Aggregate information includes items like demographic information, domain names, and other site-traffic information, but does not include personally identifiable information. An example is: X% of subscribers are gmail users.

Opting-out of Databases
Users may opt-out of receiving "Keep me Posted" by ending their subscriptions via the C5 Plus Web site, following the instructions provided in every "Keep Me Posted" e-mail or contacting the C5 Plus Administration at: