Communicair™ - The Online IAQ Solution for High Prestige Office Towers

The Environmental Health Scientists of C5 Plus Ltd. assist our clients to manage IAQ issues in modern office buildings by first conducting workplace health risk assessments.

Typical measurements on individual floors include ventilation rate, "comfort parameters - temperature and relative humidity", ventilation air quality, airborne bacteria, airborne mould/fungi, organic vapours (VOCs), radon gas and HVAC filter performance. We compare our data with relevant regulations and guidelines. Our resulting assessment of health risk is then communicated to our clients, their tenants or their employees using a very comprehensive and proprietary technology called "Communicair".

Communication of IAQ Risk Assessment Results

"Communicair" is a web based, secure system of managing office building IAQ information and communicating the significance of those data to the end user. It was developed by C5 Plus Ltd. in 2005 in response to the request of our clients. Current users of the "Communicair" system of managing IAQ include: Great West Life (GWL); EnCana Corporation; Devon Canada; Canadian Natural Resources Ltd; Brookfield Properties Limited; and Oxford Properties Inc.

"Our company is concerned about the overall health of our employees who currently occupy portions of several office towers in downtown Calgary. In 2005 we encouraged C5 Plus Ltd. to develop a unique system of communicating their IAQ health risk assessment results of each of our employees. The resulting "Communicair" system is considered to be an important ingredient in helping us to manage IAQ and ensure that our employees with a healthy, safe and comfortable workplace environment in which to spend their workday. We particularly are appreciative of the three levels of communication."

"Communicair" Specifications

  • Internet based
  • Available 24/7
  • Flexible and secure
  • 3 levels of communication
"In today’s competitive market for high quality staff, we feel that "Communicair" is a significant differentiator. Also, we recognize that "sick building" complaints and subsequent employee sick days can have a significant impact on group performance and bottom line profits. Since we have implemented the "Communicair" system of managing our IAQ, we feel that the lost time due to IAQ complaints has decreased significantly." -- Manager, Office Facilities and Service
"Our corporate strategy is to acquire well located, modern office buildings in high growth markets, that are attractive to large users of space. In addition, we see an increase in tenant demand, particularly for high quality office properties such as the ones that we own. We see a very good fit between a disciplined and focused strategy to property management and the C5 Plus "Communicair" System of IAQ Management. It supports our strategy of providing premier tenant space to elite tenants and is a significant differentiator for attracting and retaining high quality tenants. "Communicair" is not appropriate for an average property management firm." -- VP and General Manager

The following links are images of a typical "Communicair" website, used here to display how the site works.

If you are a client, when you first enter the website, you will see a list of floors for your buildings (figure 1). Clicking on one of these floors will give you a basic report card (figure 2). More details on the various items displayed in the report card can be viewed by clicking on them (figure 3). Finally, a full report on that specific item can be viewed in PDF format at the bottom of the detailed report (figure 4).

For more information please contact us via e-mail or at our Calgary office - Telephone: 403-215-0040; Fax: 403-294-0959.