Indoor Air Quality Specialists for Canadian Office Towers

The scientists and consultants of C5 Plus Ltd. are health, safety and environmental advisors to the owners, managers, and tenants of modern office buildings and indoor environments in general. This site is intended to provide you with information concerning our unique approaches to helping assess and ensure healthy and safe workplaces and outdoor environments. It is our belief that proper management and concern for the indoor environment is relevant to the long term protection of our outdoor environment.

What we do

Our knowledge of chemical and physical processes and respective measurement techniques allows us to properly measure, obtain and interpret relevant health risk parameters both in the office environment and in the field. Proper and clear communication of the significance of our finding to the end users, our clients, is considered to be one of our most important contributions.

This site contains information about the spectrum of services that we provide and the successful companies that we are proud to include in our list of clients.


The Online IAQ Solution for
High Prestige Office Towers
  • Happier, more productive employees and tenants
  • Reduced air quality complaints
  • Better tenant/employee retention